Co Kim Eh (CKE) Rescue Foundation

T. Alonzo St., Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines
(in front of Arellano High School)
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This is a only a partial list of CKERF's equipment.

Ambulance Equipment:
Ferno stretcher, Ferno backboard, Ferno Model 65 scoop stretcher, Head immobilizer, Kendrick Extrication Device ("KED"), Stifneck extrication collar, Air splints, Anti-Shock garments ("MAST"), Portable O2 cylinder and regulator (D-size), Pneu-Pac portable ventilator with suction unit, Ambu foot suction, Laryngoscope, Emergency airway kit, Bag valve mask (adult and pediatric sizes), Portable nebulizer, LSP MTV-100 manually-triggered ventilator, Peak flow meter, Fingerprint pulse oximeter, Portable cardiac monitor, Wrist-type sphygmomanometer, Glucometer, Lifepak 500 automated external defibrillator, other consumables

Rescue Equipment:
High angle rescue equipment, Sledge hammer, Pick axe, Self-contained breathing apparatus (10 sets), 20 spare SCBA cylinders, Closet hook, Chain saw (2 units), Power saw (2 units), Crow bar, Hooligan tool (2 units), Hydraulic crocodile jacks, Scoop shovel, Portable jackhammer (2 units), Holmatro cutter and spread set ("Jaws of Life")
LifePak 500 Automated External Defibrillators
Portable Hydraulic Equipment 10ton capacity
4 saws
Assorted hand tools
Assorted rescue tools
Air hammer
More assorted hand tools
Portable genset
Vertical rescue equipment
More vertical rescue equipment
Self-contained breathing apparatuses

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