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CKERF is recipient of Rotary Matching Grant

The Rotary Club of Downtown Manila, in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Changi (Singapore) and the Rotary Foundation (United States), joined hands in a Matching Grant Project. The total grant was awarded to the Co Kim Eh Rescue Foundation in 2003 and was used to acquire the "Rotary Mobile Rescue Response Vehicle," along with hydraulic cutting tools (aka "Jaws of Life") and other equipment deemed necessary to enable forcible entry and emergency rescue operations.

CKERF thanks RCDM, RC Changi and the Rotary Foundation for this Grant, and hopes that the next two phases of the project (rescue air bags and thermal imager) can also be implemented soon. As of now, all the equipment that were bought from the funds have already seen action, and all of our members have been trained in their use.

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Co Kim Eh Rescue Foundation started operating in the new millennium, even before it was officially incorporated and registered with the SEC. Many of its original members and today's core personnel came from the South San Nicolas Volunteer Fire Prevention Association, the first volunteer fire brigade in the Philippines. There was a need to commence operations because South San Nicolas was undecided regarding the support of an emergency medical services section, and none of the volunteer fire brigades in Manila could provide round-the-clock EMS. Up to now, CKE Foundation is the only fire brigade that provides this service in Manila, supported by online medical direction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CKE Foundation is a modern, progressive and updated fire, search and rescue, and emergency medical service organization that utilizes the most contemporary techniques, equipment and technology to provide both volunteer and contracted firefighting, fire protection, search & rescue, EMS, first aid and patient transport services throughout Metro Manila. It trains and educates its own personnel, personnel from other emergency service organizations, and even corporate personnel. All obtained contributions go back to capital expenditures and operating expenses, thus ensuring continuous improvements to the service.

Whether fire, accident or disaster, CKE will be here for you, with Complete Knowledge in Emergencies.

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Co Kim Eh (CKE) Rescue Foundation aims to be Metro Manila's premier volunteer firefighting, emergency medical services and search and rescue organization. We will do this by continuous upgrade of skills, recruitment and retention of capable volunteer personnel, networking with other firefighting, EMS and search and rescue organizations, and actual experience in emergency situations.

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